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In Tech We Love | January 19, 2020

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Inspirational Arduino Projects - In Tech We Love

Inspirational Arduino Projects Arduino Laser Harp Midi

Coming from a background of software development, i’m finding Arduino is an amazing platform for experimenting with creating prototype electronics. The amazing open source community provides a huge source of inspiration for new projects. Here are a few of my favourite projects…

Magic Mirror

Purchase a kit & get started with your interactive mirror! Perfect for parties & events, the proximity sensor can be used to play pre-recorded video. It features text to voice technology and can be hooked up to control lighting and other electronic devices around the house. Roll on halloween!

Interactive Arduino Mirror 2 Interactive Arduino Mirror

Cat Feeder

A phone controlled automated Arduino cat feeder. No more feeling guilty / rushing home to feed the cat! Could be adapted for all sorts of other things, why not fill it up with sweets at a kids party?

Arduino Cat Feeder 2 Arduino Cat Feeder

Lazer Harp

Make & control music & audio using light. The rights have been sold so the plans aren’t readily available but provides a lot of inspiration in terms of what is possible…

Arduino Laser Harp Arduino Laser Harp Midi

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